Scarves accompany us reliably through the winter. You can find out how to wrap the trend piece correctly here.

Scarves accompany us reliably through the winter. You can find out how to wrap the trend piece correctly here. receives a commission from the retailer for certain links in this article. All mediation-relevant links are with a
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Nothing is as uncomfortable as a bare neck in winter. When the cold creeps up on your neck, even a walk in the most beautiful landscape is no longer fun. With a scarf we can successfully defy the low temperatures. But in order not to be disturbing, it should be wrapped in a clever way.

The Instagram channel @blog4over40 shows in short reels how diverse scarves can be wrapped. We have summarized our favorites for you.

1st tip: wrap the scarf into a loop

The loop is probably the most practical scarf ever. But even if you don’t have this model at hand, you can use a little trick to turn your conventional scarf into a round-neck scarf – and in no time at all! That’s how it’s done:

  • Knot the ends of the scarf together
  • Cross the scarf in a figure eight
  • Put it around your neck

You already have a great loop that is guaranteed not to slip and provides reliable warmth. Got an extra length scarf? Then you can wrap it around your neck before tying the knot.

2nd tip: scarf knots

The second wrapping technique, which effortlessly turns the scarf into an it-piece, is particularly ingenious. And this is how it works:

  • Scarf with a knot in the middle
  • Place knots in front
  • Wrap a scarf around your neck
  • Slightly loosen knots
  • Pull ends through knot

To showcase your winter accessory in a particularly elegant way, you can finally decorate the knot with a beautiful brooch. But even without it, this technique definitely makes a difference!

3rd tip: Cross the scarf

The third method, crossing over, is also too easy to be true. The result is really impressive and works equally well with scarves and shawls.

  • Cross the scarf over and wrap it around
  • Pull one end through the front loop
  • Create a new loop with the side
  • Pull the second end through this loop

And this wrapping technique is also finished within seconds.

Scarf trends 2023: More wrapping techniques for the winter

There are other tricks you can use to wrap your scarf. You can see what these are in this video.

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