Prof. Werner Mang The future of cosmetic surgery means “less is more”

Two years of Corona. No performances, now many hit stars are starting again, new album, then on a tour of Germany.

Since I’ve been friends with many well-known singers for years, they also like to come to the Bodenseeklinik to stay fit and young. So does Matthias Reim, who stands by it, just as I would stand by it if I had an operation on my droopy eyelids.

The magic word is: power infusions with vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, facial rejuvenation with vampire lifting and hyaluronic acid and, most recently, skin tightening with Morpheus 8, radio frequency therapy.

Everything without cuts, without surgery, on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia and after 24 hours you are fit and socially acceptable again. Of course it doesn’t replace a facelift, but the results are amazing.

Prof. Werner Mang: He’s 60, she’s 35: why I’m operating on more and more men

Matthias Reim wanted to look fit and relaxed

As a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery, I was the first in Germany to perform wrinkle injections in 1984. Back then, the front page said “Fountain of youth from the syringe”. Today it is a billion dollar market.

Other tips for my prominent patients: “Mediterranean diet, preferably pescetarian, lots of fish, no meat, at least 5000 steps a day, do not use an elevator, exercise, sports, sleep seven hours, maintain weight”.

I don’t have to worry about that, because most pop singers over 50 are slim and slender, including Matthias Reim, who also lives on beautiful Lake Constance. He just wanted to look fit and relaxed for the strenuous tour.

Prof. Werner Mang: How I help a German pop star to make a comeback with a vampire lift

My motto: health before beauty

The celebrities trust me because they know that I try to do honest, tolerable and natural cosmetic surgery based on the motto: health before beauty.

Because the future of cosmetic surgery is “less is more”, augmented lips and facelifts that make you look like zombies are out.

Matthias Reim will start again on March 4th, 2023 in Hanover. I wish him good luck and success and that we can relax and enjoy the sunset on the magnificent Lake Constance with a glass of red wine on our motorboat in summer.

About the columnist: Prof. Dr. dr Werner L. Mang is Germany’s best-known cosmetic surgeon, chief physician at the largest clinic for aesthetic surgery in Germany and president of the International Society for Aesthetic Medicine. Prof. Mang keeps fit with a pescetarian diet and sports and is still in the operating room every day. For he regularly reports on his daily routine in the clinic, celebrity surgeries and the latest beauty trends of stars worldwide.

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