Plus-size fashion At Amazon you can get the trendy teddy jacket for less than 55 euros

Cozy teddy jackets are also very trendy this fall/winter season. At Amazon we discovered a model that really fits every figure and is also affordable.

Plus-size fashion: This is the Amazon teddy jacket

The jacket makes a cool fashion statement thanks to the cuddly teddy fur look. The it-piece is available in four different colors.

Trend jacket from Amazon – also for large sizes

We immediately fell in love with the teddy jacket from Amazon because the trendy piece is available in sizes from XXS to 7XL. And that’s not all: The straight cut goes down to the hips and flatters the figure despite the oversized shoulders and the cuddly look.

Pastel pink teddy jacket

Plus-size jacket with trend potential

As already mentioned, the teddy jacket hits the nerve of the times with its oversized shoulders. The shirt collar and button placket with a horn look complete the modern design with classic characteristics.

Teddy jackets are easy to style. Whether it’s the latest fashion trends or classic outfits – you can confidently let your creativity run wild with this it-piece. We find the combination with a checkered mini skirt, pullover with a polo collar – which, by the way, is currently celebrating its comeback – and trendy Chelsea boots particularly bold. If you prefer it rockier, you can simply swap the skirt for leather-look trousers.

Teddy jacket in dark brown

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