Plus-size fashion 7 essentials for plus sizes that you need in summer 2022

So that plus-size women can also set the scene in summer, we have selected seven essentials for plus sizes and show you where you can shop for them. receives a commission from the retailer for certain links in this article. All mediation-relevant links are with a
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Fashion for plus sizes is lively, changeable and absolutely stylish. Curvy women certainly don’t have to hide their fashion, but should skilfully emphasize their curves. Because fashion should above all be fun! We’ll tell you which fashion pieces suit curvy ladies particularly well and show you where you can shop for beautiful fashion in plus sizes.

Plus-size fashion: You need these essentials in summer 2022

For curvy women: where to buy the 7 essentials

Blouses, tops & co.: tops for plus-size women

In principle, tops that are flared below the chest, fall loosely and do not fit the stomach area are advantageous. This makes the upper body look narrower, while the lower body is airy. If you have a lush bust size, you can show it off with confidence. This stretches the neck, emphasizes the chest area and at the same time distracts from other parts of the body. So also a simple, loosely falling top that we found at Zalando from 14.99 euros. It has a V-neckline that accentuates the décolleté but falls loosely below the breasts, thus concealing the tummy and hips.

Plus size tops

Ankle-free trousers for plus-size women

A loose leg width that isn’t too tight around the thighs is perfect for curvy women. Pants that are not too long, but make the ankles visible, look particularly beautiful – this optically stretches the legs. Culottes or loose wide-leg trousers are ideal, especially in summer. In addition, dark, muted colors make you look narrower, while light colors can quickly apply. At Zalando we found a black model from Sheego from EUR 49.99 that fits loosely and exposes a piece of the ankle through small slits at the end of the trouser legs, making the legs appear longer.

Black trousers with a slit

Plus-size dresses: Emphasize the décolleté and waist

In the ideal case, the perfect dress should put your female silhouette in the right light and conceal unwelcome love handles. At the same time, you should feel comfortable – nothing should pinch or be too tight. Dresses that have a seam below the bust look great, because the narrowest part is emphasized, while the cut around the stomach can be looser again. This is also the case with the rockabilly dress, which is available in 27 different colors from 19.99 euros on Amazon. The model is characterized by a V-neckline that emphasizes the décolleté and a waist-hugging cut, with the skirt flared wide below the waist and concealing love handles.

Rockabilly dress in white

Plus Size: bras for plus sizes

There are some manufacturers who offer bras for large bust sizes or even specialize in them. With large breasts, the cut and fit are particularly important, since the bra should primarily have a supportive effect and can thus prevent back and neck pain. When it comes to bras, the fit is extremely important. So we found a seamless model with wide straps for large sizes from 75B to 115I on Amazon, which is available from 36.10 euros.

Seamless bra with wide straps

Cool linen fashion for plus-size women

No other material cries out for summer like airy linen: whether as a blouse, loose pants or dress – the fabric is ideal for warm temperatures and really gets you in the mood for the summer months. Linen is particularly breathable and has a cooling effect on the skin. That way you don’t sweat so quickly. The summery dress in refreshing lime green, which consists of 55% linen and is available from Zalando from EUR 49.99, is perfect for plus-size women, for example. Thanks to the deep V-neckline, the dress emphasizes the décolleté of its wearer. Since the dress falls loosely below the bust, it perfectly conceals small love handles in larger sizes.

Yellow linen blend casual dress

Plus size midi skirts

Does the midi skirt only suit slim, tall women? Not at all! Calf-length skirts also look great on curvy women if you combine them correctly. Your legs will look longer if you wear heels with your skirt instead of closed sneakers. If the skirt is slightly flared at the bottom, it is best to combine it with a slimmer cut top. The midi skirt, which we found at AboutYou from EUR 39.90, comes in a summery cranberry tone and is knee-length. Thanks to the airy, loose cut, it is perfect for hot temperatures.

Shirt dresses for plus size women

Shirt dresses always work! Whether in the office, for a stroll through town or for an invitation to dinner – you can never go wrong with the combination of blouse and dress. The dress can be changed thanks to the buttons on the décolleté and you can freely decide how open you want to wear it. Together with cool sneakers and a denim jacket, you style the look casually, if you switch to fine strappy sandals and a blazer, you are perfectly dressed for the evening. For the summer we found a particularly beautiful example in purple from 49.99 euros at Zalando, which reaches to the knees and falls loosely.

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