Pace & Posture This is how your walking style reveals your character


Do you prefer to walk briskly or do you prefer to stroll? Everyone has their own gait. A study now examined what your pace and posture when walking say about your character.

Depending on who we walk with, we either feel left behind or held up. A study found that pace and posture when walking actually allow statements about the character. Curious? Then find out what your walking style says about you.

Gait suggests character

As part of a long-term study, US researchers examined the walking styles of 15,000 participants and found that walking speed reveals a lot about a person’s character. The researchers differentiated between these walking styles.

1. Leisurely stroll

People who are more comfortable and relaxed on the road also have a calm character. These individuals are confident, easygoing, easygoing, and relaxed.

However, there is also the risk that they are relaxed and approach tasks a little too lazily. Being faster every now and then can’t hurt not only when walking, but also in other areas of life.

2. Goose step to the goal

We all know them, the people who walk so fast that others can only jog after them. According to the researchers, these people are particularly open, sociable and self-confident. However, the goose step is not only exhausting for others. According to the study, the fast walkers sometimes come across as arrogant to others.

Do you feel this description applies to you? Then remember to slow down from time to time and enjoy the quiet.

3. The tempo changers

You can’t assign yourself to either of the two walking types? Maybe you’re one of the tempo changers. This guy sometimes goes faster, sometimes slower and always adapts to the respective situation.

This is also reflected in other areas of life, because these people are careful, attentive and can react quickly to new situations.

Taken to the extreme, this characteristic can also develop into a compulsion to control. Try to let go of something every now and then.

Send signals with posture

In addition to speed, the researchers kept an eye on posture.

  • Anyone who walks upright and has a loud demeanor shows determination, determination and willpower.
  • Crossed arms, on the other hand, signal that you want to keep your distance from the world.
  • A hanging head indicates that the person is thinking or sad.

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