Outfit Guide This is what the color of your clothes says about your character

Who wouldn’t like to see clairvoyant sometimes? Find out hidden things about fellow human beings? We haven’t found a method for clairvoyance, but we have found something that is almost as good: color theory. Because the clothes or the colors we wear say a lot about us. We provide deep insights into the psyche that lies behind the color of the outfit. Let’s go on a journey into the kingdom of colors.


Blue is always a safe choice without being the gray mouse. Therefore, the color is very popular in everyday work life. According to color psychologists, the hue implies positive attributes such as harmony, trust, loyalty, reliability, efficiency and intelligence. These are all qualities that everyone can use in their day-to-day work. At the same time, blue also expresses a certain distance. Things like the blue horizon or the blue sky are very far away. People who often wear blue distance themselves from those around them and always keep a cool head.


Everyone has associations with the color red: after all, it is the color of love and passion. People who like to wear red are usually very open and extroverted. At the same time, you will cause a stir with a bright red piece of clothing: Red lovers definitely like to be the center of attention. However, the color tone should be used with caution in everyday work: red also stands for danger and aggression.


From the lightest to the darkest color – if you like to wear black, you don’t have to worry now. Although black is initially associated with negative things, such as death and mourning, this color can also be found in every wardrobe and is therefore a real classic. Nonetheless, black is a statement: the wearer builds a kind of wall around himself, giving the impression of being mysterious and distant at the same time. You should not underestimate the erotic component of the dark shade. It’s not for nothing that the little black dress is an absolute classic.


Green may be a very striking hue at first, but at the same time it is a very natural colour. Green is the color of life, plants and spring. The shade is just as relaxing as a walk in nature. At the same time, green carriers radiate stability and convey a feeling of security. They also radiate success and are said to have a good income. In a figurative sense, they are constantly in the process of growth and in motion, but without losing the safe ground under their feet.

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