No grandma trend According to H&M, crochet patterns will be hotter than ever in 2023!

Checking out H&M’s virtual shelves, one thing becomes clear: the crochet trend is unstoppable this spring. We present five great parts. receives a commission from the retailer for certain links in this article. All mediation-relevant links are with a
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Anyone who thinks that knitwear and crochet should only be worn in the winter months has made the calculation without the fashion experts at H&M. The Swedish designers know very well that in spring the patterns just have to be a little lighter to really get people in the mood for the warm season. We’ve poked around a bit on and present you with five pieces that will finally put a stop to the rumor that crochet is only for grandmothers in spring.

These are the 5 great tops for spring

Anything but old-fashioned: 5 modern crochet favorites

Cropped shirt from Monki

The cropped shirt by Monki, which is available from H&M in black and blue, allows us to cheekily flash our navel without showing too much thanks to its short cut. The shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and boasts long, wide bell sleeves and a wavy round neckline. It is crocheted in a wide mesh so that a lot of air gets to the skin. With the choice of shirt and bra under the cropped shirt, we decide for ourselves how revealing we want to present ourselves.

The shirt is available in sizes XS to XXL. However, it is so popular that individual sizes are always sold out. However, H&M has set up a practical notification service that reports when supplies are available.

Crochet style polo shirt

The polo shirt in crochet style is classic yet fresh and is available in the colors white and black and in sizes XXS to XXL. The top has a wide collar, as is usual with polo shirts, but it is not buttoned, but has a deep V-neckline. The shoulders are dropped and the sleeves are half-length. Since the shirt is made from 100 percent cotton, it is very comfortable to wear.

Crochet look dress

If you really want to show off your long legs in spring, you should definitely reach for the mini dress with a crochet look, which is available from H&M in dazzling white and in sizes XS to XXL.

This dress also impresses with a loose knitted look with wide meshes. Without the matching opaque pieces underneath, the garment with the plunging neckline could turn heads. But if it is combined correctly, it is the ideal piece of clothing for the spring party, which could also be combined with a stole on cooler evenings.

Openwork sweater

While our dress has a very tight cut, the openwork sweater, which is available in the colors light beige and yellow and in sizes XS to XXL, is oversized. The long-sleeved sweater with dropped shoulders scores with a deep V-neckline. Combined with an opaque top and classic blue jeans, this sweater is the perfect outfit for a spring walk in the park.

Cream cardigan

At the beginning of spring, the days are often a little cooler. In this case, it’s good if we can grab the cream-colored cardigan that H&M offers in sizes XS to XXL. The jacket made of soft open-knit cotton impresses with its wide collar and the closure with mother-of-pearl buttons.

The long-sleeved jacket with oversized sleeves has a loose fit. Wavy edges on the sleeves and hem make it a real eye-catcher that also keeps you warm.

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