Losing weight made easy With Smart Hula Hoops to the desired figure

A hula hoop has long been considered a tried and tested means of training the whole body. A hula hoop is a hoop that is held horizontally in the middle of the body only by swinging the hips. The training is considered to be highly effective. According to experts, up to 400 calories can be burned per hour with hula hoop training. For comparison: According to “”, jogging involves 280 to 448 calories, depending on the intensity.

However, there is a problem when training with the hula hoop. Especially beginners often do not manage to keep the tire in the air. And when he falls to the ground for the tenth time, the training loses its appeal. With a Smart Hula Hoop, these problems are a thing of the past. Because it defies gravity thanks to an additional ball and is therefore ideal for beginners. We took a closer look at four smart hula hoops.

Swiss Activa+ Smart Hula Hoop

Reakoo Smart Hula Hoop

Wellrelaxx Smart Hula Hoop

LEAFIA Smart Fitness tires

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