Leni Klum x AboutYou The trend pieces of the new collection are so cool

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Since Leni Klum (18) made her catwalk debut at Berlin Fashion Week in January 2021, she has emancipated herself from her prominent mother Heidi Klum (49) in no time at all and is firmly on her own two feet. The 18-year-old has already developed the second collection together with AboutYou and presents fresh fashion that inspires fashionistas. We took a closer look at the it-pieces and show our selection of the collection’s favorite pieces.

Leni Klum x AboutYou: These are our 6 must-haves

Purple cardigan ‘Ashley’

With the ‘Ashley’ cardigan, Leni Klum thoroughly cleans up the somewhat outdated image of the garment. Because this cardigan is by no means old-fashioned, but comes across as really stylish. The purple-colored jacket with long sleeves is cut tight and emphasizes the figure. Courageous fashionistas simply wear the cardigan as a top and show off their décolleté perfectly. Everyone else can wear a tank top or thin long-sleeved shirt under the cardigan.

Denim jacket ‘Valentina’

The ‘Valentina’ denim jacket presented by Leni Klum is a real statement piece and immediately gives its wearer a wicked rocker image. The unlined jacket, which closes with a button, has an oversized cut and is an eye-catcher thanks to the contrasting seams.

Trousers in leather look ‘Jo’

Of course, such a cool Jake also wants to be perfectly combined. How about the ‘Jo’ trousers in leather look, which are available in green, brown and black? These pants are tight in the hip area, emphasizing the waist and buttocks. The legs are cut wide, which gives the pants a casual look.

Dress ‘Allie’

Sometimes we just feel like bringing out the princess in us. This works very easily when we slip into the ‘Allie’ dress, which is for sale at in black and pink. The strapless dress with a deep décolleté is held by two spaghetti straps. It has a tight cut and flatters the figure in the best possible way. In this dress we will be the radiant center of attention at every summer party. And when it gets cooler in the evening, we can combine it perfectly with the denim jacket ‘Valentina’.

bomber jacket ‘Rosie’

The Rosie bomber jacket, with which we can make a real fashion statement, is less suitable as a piece of clothing for the delicate Allie dress. We prefer to combine the black jacket with dropped shoulders, side zip pockets and tone-on-tone seams with the ‘Jo’ pants. In this outfit we show our self-confident side and prove that we can assert ourselves in life at any time.

White cable knit sweater

The warmly lined jacket ‘Rosie’ is perfect for cooler days, especially when we combine it with the white cable-knit sweater, which also enriches the Leni Klum collection. The wide-cut garment with a round neckline is made of 60 percent wool, which guarantees it is comfortable to wear. Perforated pattern, ribbed cuffs and ribbed collar make this sweater particularly special.

White cable knit sweater

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