Katie Holmes is bringing back an unexpected 2000s jean trend

It’s no secret that the 2000s are making a big comeback in terms of fashion – but it’s rather unusual for Katie Holmes (44) to jump on the Y2K bandwagon, as the actress usually relies on timeless basics. In New York she now wore a flashy pair of jeans, whose rhinestone trimmings we know only too well from times long past.

We like Katie’s denim style so much that we started looking for similar models. Here are our three favorite jeans.

Rhinestone jeans: 3 models to shop for

Straight leg jeans from H&M

With their light blue wash and flattering straight-leg fit, these H&M jeans have their finger on the pulse. The cleverly arranged rhinestone details make the front an eye-catcher and combine the popular 2000s style with modern design characteristics.

Straight leg jeans with rhinestones

Straight leg jeans with all-over trim

With their delicate all-over rhinestone trimming, these jeans from H&M are made for elegant styles. Again, the straight-leg fit really suits every figure.

Straight leg jeans with all-over trim

Summery denim style by NA-KD

The wide leg jeans from NA-KD are a bit more summery. The flattering off-white combines with the rhinestone trimmings on the side to create a cool eye-catcher for fashionable styles.

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