It’s like that with fashion. Only those who are stylish can really score. Three zodiac signs are particularly often real fashionistas.

It’s like that with fashion. Only those who are stylish can really score. Three zodiac signs are particularly often real fashionistas.

If you want to dress fashionably, you can do a lot wrong. Garments are combined with each other that do not match in any way. Or insecure buyers rely entirely on expensive brands and turn themselves into walking mannequins.

But there are also people who master the keyboard of fashion with virtuosity. These people find the right clothes in the closet straight away and are always well dressed. Three zodiac signs in particular belong in this category of born fashionistas. You won’t easily make a fashion mistake.

Some zodiac signs earn a lot of money, see the video above for more information.

Zodiac sign Leo – a regular in the boutiques

The lion not only shines with its pronounced charm, but often also with its dazzling appearance. This zodiac sign puts up with a lot in order to offer the perfect facade to its surroundings. The lion regularly studies the hottest fashion magazines to make sure he doesn’t miss any trends. And after work, he then storms the boutiques to get hold of the it-pieces before someone else snatches them from him.

Leo’s efforts are usually crowned with success. When he enters a room, he is usually the focal point. But the financial effort that this zodiac sign has to make in order to always be the fashionable star is enormous. And so things often look a little bleak on the lion’s account at the end of the month.

Zodiac sign Libra – love of aesthetics

The Libra does not need expensive designer goods to always be elegantly dressed. This zodiac sign has a very good sense of aesthetics and is therefore sure to put together the fashion that suits him.

Libra would never make mistakes when choosing colors for her wardrobe. All her clothes are perfectly coordinated.

And since the Libra also has a good knack for chic clothes at reasonable prices, they often snag fine bargains in second-hand boutiques for which the lion shells out a fortune.

This is how the zodiac sign Libra ticks.

Zodiac sign Aquarius – the big trendsetter

Fashion is a blank slate for Aquarius, which they can design according to their own ideas. This zodiac sign would never hop on a fashion bandwagon only to dress like everyone else. Aquarius prefers to create their very own fashion style – and they do it so skilfully that they often become trendsetters.

For example, if everyone comes to the office in a suit and heels, this zodiac sign dares to break the trend by combining the classic wardrobe with bulky chunky boots. And when half the world walks through life in blue jeans, that is a signal for Aquarius to simply try jeans with a striped look. So did the punks in the 1970s and created their own fashion movement.

Aquarius is an incorrigible individualist. And if he has set a trend that everyone is suddenly following, he has long been in the process of breaking new fashion ground.

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