Ex-Bachelorette Jessica Haller 5 parts of her collection we shop immediately

Ex-Bachelorette Jessica Haller presented her new collection with NA-KD. We’ll tell you which five trend pieces we’re particularly fond of. receives a commission from the retailer for certain links in this article. All mediation-relevant links are with a
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The Swedish fashion label NA-KD regularly launches collections that were designed together with influencers or well-known personalities – the latest example of this is the Jessica Haller x NA-KD collection. We’ll tell you which five trend pieces we’re particularly fond of.

Jessica Haller x NA-KD: We want these trend pieces immediately

These are the highlights from the NA-KD collection of the ex-Bachelorette

Lightweight oversized coat

Due to the lapel and the restrained beige, the coat radiates classic elegance – at the same time the piece with the strong oversized cut still looks casual. You can wear the coat with a casual look as well as with more formal pieces, in any case it gives your outfit something special! Since it is not lined, the coat is perfect for the transitional period.

Midi dress in dark brown

The midi dress from the Jessica Haller collection also has a classic design. The sleeveless dress with a round neckline does without any more playful accents and thus emphasizes the narrow fit. The dark brown color also underlines the elegant character of the piece – but the dress still radiates more warmth than in a simple black.

Blazer with tie detail

The blazer also uses a monochrome design. Similar to the other pieces, it looks classic and makes every outfit a real eye-catcher with this calmness! Thanks to the belt, the blazer can be tailored as you wish – so it is also a real figure-flatterer.

Suit trousers with a belt

Suit trousers – especially in black or white – always work! The designs from the Jessica Haller x NA-KD collection are characterized by a high waist and the pants are straight cut. The belt provides an additional detail and – loosely laced – gives the pants an extra portion of nonchalance.

Zebra print blazer dress

Our last piece from the NA-KD collection is definitely the most playful of our selection. The blazer dress is cut in mini length and comes in an all-over zebra pattern. Thanks to the lapel neckline and the lined shoulders, the dress still has a classic character. And thanks to the belt, it can be tailored if desired.

Zebra print blazer dress

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