Curves à la Jennifer Lopez 6 dresses & skirts that flatter every figure

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Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (52) not only has a sensational voice, but also a real dream body. And the artist knows how to present her charms perfectly. J.Lo often uses wrap-around dresses and skirts, which have a decisive advantage: They not only emphasize the feminine charms of the singer with Puerto Rican roots, but simply suit every woman. We went on a virtual shopping spree and found three enchanting dresses and three skirts, all in the style of Jennifer Lopez.

Like Jennifer Lopez: Beautiful dresses and skirts with a wrap look

Magical wrap dress from Amazon Price: from 13.83 euros

Sexy mini dress by C&A Price: from 17.99 euros

Feminine dress by Otto Price: from 23.90 euros

Satin wrap skirt from H&M Price: from 30 euros

Maxi skirt by NA-KD Price: from 75.95 euros

Short wrap skirt by Zalando Price: from 39.99 euros

Curve-friendly: magical wrap dress from Amazon

The first dress we present has three advantages. It has a figure-hugging cut, and a tie belt emphasizes the waist. It also has a subtle décolleté that doesn’t show too much skin, but still skilfully draws attention to our feminine charms.

The dress reaches the wearer’s knees, which makes it suitable for the office as well as airy. The dress, which is available from from 13.83 euros, is available in nine different colors and in sizes XS to XXL, so that every customer can find the right model.

Tip: Prime members can even try on the dress before paying! Simply click on “try first, then pay”.

Gorgeous wrap dress from Amazon

The little black dress from C&A

The sexy mini dress, which is available from from 17.99 euros, is not necessarily suitable for the office. But it makes you the center of attention in the club or at the summer party. The black dress has a V-neckline and ends above the knee. Thus, it is more suitable for bold fashionistas, such as Jennifer Lopez.

Feminine Jennifer Lopez dress by Otto

A real eye-catcher is the playful mini dress, which costs from 31.99 euros at The dress, which is available in five different colors and with a lovely polka dot pattern, reaches almost to the knee and emphasizes the slim waist thanks to a tie belt. A subtle décolleté makes the dress look sexy but not cheap. And the short sleeves ensure that we don’t sweat even on hot days. In terms of sizes, everything is included from XS to XL.

Satin wrap skirt from H&M

The satin wrap skirt in midi length, which is available from from 30 euros, can be worn both in the office and at the summer party thanks to three different colours. The black model is the most discreet and therefore absolutely suitable for the office. The orange skirt with its African pattern is happier. And the black skirt with white pattern is the perfect piece of clothing for all those who want to wear the skirt both at work and in their free time.

Maxi skirt by NA-KD

Do you like being the center of attention and want to be sure that all eyes are on you at a party? Then the maxi skirt with a wrap look, which is available from from EUR 75.95, is the right piece of clothing for you. The skirt reaches the wearer’s foot, but has such a high leg slit that we can show off our long legs perfectly if we want to. The skirt, which is available in sizes 32 to 44, is available in white and beige. Jennifer Lopez would love this summery piece of clothing.

Short wrap skirt by Zalando

Fashionistas who would like to show off their summery tanned legs could also grab the extra-short wrap skirt, which costs from EUR 39.99 at The pink garment hits well above the knee and is in keeping with the style that made Jennifer Lopez so famous. Especially if you combine this skirt with a skimpy top, you can be sure to be the shining star of every evening – just like Jennifer Lopez.

Short mini skirt by Zalando

That’s why skirts and dresses with a wrap look are a must-have for the summer

Anyone who wears skirts and dresses with a wrap look in summer is doing a lot of things right. Such garments are comfortable and offer plenty of leg room. They also flatter the hips and buttocks with their cut. And if the clothes are cut out a little, they also conjure up a beautiful décolleté. So it’s definitely worth copying Jennifer Lopez’s style.

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