CrossFit, yoga and jogging every day Princess Kate trains so hard for her dream figure

This appearance caused great astonishment: When visiting a gym, Princess Kate (41) hung her husband, the British heir to the throne Prince William (40), on the exercise bike. How does the mother of three manage to keep her body so fit and toned?

Answer: Through daily, iron training! “Whenever I manage to do sports, I do it. And when I jump on the trampoline with my children before school,” the 41-year-old once explained herself.

For her fitness training, Kate should prefer to go to the posh “Harbour Club” in London. There are six studios, several different courses, a swimming pool, tennis courts and spa treatments. According to British reports, the admission fee is the equivalent of around 1,700 euros, the monthly rate is around 370 euros.

“Your forehand is amazing”

The princess not only likes to do sports herself, she is also passionate about her work: she has been patron of the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League since February 2022. Ex-rugby player Mike Tindall (44), who is married to Prince William’s cousin Zara (41), once gushed that he would like to include her in his team: “She loves to run. She can run all day .”

Kate also took over the patronage for the “Lawn Tennis Association”. She is a regular at Wimbledon and has even played publicly with British tennis No. 1 Emma Raducanu (20). She said afterwards: “Your forehand is incredible.”

The “Daily Mail” reported in 2016 that Kate was a “fitness junkie”. Both she and her sister Pippa (39) are extremely careful to be well trained. Her favorite exercise are so-called planks, with which you can train almost all your muscles at the same time. In addition, Kate would regularly incorporate CrossFit and yoga into her exercise routine and go jogging almost every day.

The iron training seems to pay off: the 1.75 meter tall princess wears size 34, her waist is said to be 63 centimeters.

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