Baggy is the new skinny The pants trend 2022 is suitable for everyday use

Skinny jeans were yesterday – this year cargo trousers from the 90s celebrate their comeback. You can find out how suitable the baggy trend is for everyday use here. receives a commission from the retailer for certain links in this article. All mediation-relevant links are with a
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Cargo pants are back – the trend from the 90s is recapturing the fashion world. And stars like Bella Hadid (25) and Hailey Bieber (25) love them and show that the pants can be wonderfully combined. We also fell in love with the loose pieces, because they also prove to be comfortable everyday companions.

Instead of skinny jeans: Baggy trousers are the fashion trend for 2022

At AboutYou we have discovered three cargo pants from Mango that will give your wardrobe a stylish upgrade.

Pants trend 2022: cargo pants by Mango

The straight-cut cargo trousers ‘Seul’ from Mango are made of cotton with a small amount of elastane and are comfortable to wear thanks to the elastic waistband. The side flap pockets round off the design with their 90s flair.

Everyday look

For a summery everyday look, it’s best to combine a white tank top (from 24.99 euros) or a white basic shirt (e.g. from Edited, from 29.90 euros). Sandals (e.g. by Dorothy Perkins, from 49.90 euros) give the style a touch of femininity.

Skinny is now baggy: the 2022 pants trend is so suitable for everyday use
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Skinny jeans were yesterday: now come cargo pants

The ‘Blanca’ cargo trousers are timelessly elegant. The model by the Spanish label was designed in a trendy 7/8 length. The straight cut is completed by the side pockets and the typical cargo pockets on the legs.

Elegant casual look

With their elegant style, the cargo trousers from Mango are made for elegant casual looks. In combination with a chic top (from 17.90 euros) and timeless sandals (e.g. by Tamaris, from 49.90 euros), a stylish everyday outfit can be created in no time at all. If you add a blazer, you can also wear the trousers in the office.

Skinny is now baggy: the 2022 pants trend is so suitable for everyday use
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Skinny is now baggy: denim cargo pants from Mango

The most modern design from Mango is the cargo pants ‘Greta’. The light wash of the denim material exudes summery 90s vibes. With the square back pockets and the eye-catching cargo pockets, the model has become a trendy eye-catcher for stylish casual looks.

Sporty casual style

The denim cargo pants from Mango are made for sporty styles, which is why you are in the right place with a ribbed tank top (from 11.99 euros). Heeled sandals (from EUR 59.90) stretch your legs endlessly and add a touch of femininity to the look.

Skinny is now baggy: the 2022 pants trend is so suitable for everyday use
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